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The college process is overwhelming, but you can do it! College is a worthy investment and help is available if you need it. Nonprofit experts across the country are here to help you and your family plan, save, and pay for college. Get started here.

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The nonprofit difference: your success is our mission.

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Nonprofit and state-based organizations were founded to carry out an important mission — to provide students and families like yours with free, expert resources to help you plan, save, and pay for college. 

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Nonprofit organizations across the country are ready to help you with the college process.

Get free, expert help with filing your FAFSA, opening a college savings account, writing your college essay, applying to college, understanding your financial aid offer, repaying your student loans, and more! 

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Paying for college: maximize the free money.


Ready to pay for college? Start by filing the FAFSA. Then, maximize grant and scholarship aid. If you still need to borrow, be sure to exhaust your federal student loans before looking to borrow other loans. If you need to fill the gap between the cost of attendance and your available savings, free money, and federal student loans, consider borrowing from a nonprofit or state-based organization

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